Shell - The Great Travel Hack

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Kaley Cuoco introduces an epic new challenge. Two teams compete in a road trip across the USA where the lowest CO2 emissions wins.

Meet the teams, see the wonders of the west coast, and discover new and cleaner forms of transport on the road from LA to Vegas baby!

Energy is all around us – it powers our lives and keeps us moving. But as populations grow and thrive, so does the need for more energy. Especially when it comes to transport.

This increasing demand is contributing to rising CO2 emissions and putting pressure on our climate. We must find ways to both produce more and cleaner energy and use it better. But what does the road ahead look like? Could we keep moving forward while thinking forward?

This is The Great Travel Hack.

Two teams battle it out to cross the USA using the lowest CO2 emissions possible in the ultimate efficiency challenge. Hosted by Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and monitored by Mission Control – a team of Shell engineers and student scientists watching behind the scenes – this isn’t a race about travelling faster, it’s about travelling cleaner.